Core Values


Realty Word Valley Residential

Core Values

R – Reliance, Respect, Resilience

      • Reliance:  We rely on God in everything we do.


      • Respect:  We respect our clients, our families, our colleagues, our profession, and ourselves.


      • Resilience:  We keep moving forward, and grow, in everything we do.


W – Wisdom, Warrior, Wealth

(We’re Smart; We Fight; We Win)
      • Wisdom:  We continue to learn, we continue to study, and we continue to prepare; so we can gain knowledge and grow professionally to better counsel and guide our clients in helping them achieve their goals and objectives; We do this through fundamentally strong and strategically sound:  processes, systems, and methodologies.


      • Warriors:  We fight for our clients!  We fight for what is right!


      • Wealth:  Our aim is to produce as much wealth as possible for our clients, for our families, and for our community – in however one measures wealth.



V – Verdad, Valiente, Valor

(Spanish for Truth, Courage, Value)
      • Verdad (Truth):  We tell the truth to our clients and to our ourselves; we are known for our honesty and integrity.


      • Valiente (Courage):  We approach our business with the courage that is needed to succeed.


      • Valor (Value):  Great value begins with excellent quality.  We are a value-driven organization; we are always looking to maximize and optimize value for our clients and for those we serve – we deliver VALUE!


R – REAL!!!

We are REAL and authentic in what we do and in our approach;

We work in “REAL” estate, with “REAL” people, in matters that affect “REAL” lives…so what we do REALLY MATTERS”!!!

This is a responsibility that we gratefully accept.